Companies in need of new employees often encounter difficulties in finding the right people for their available positions. They find themselves struggling to devise new and creative methods to attract the best candidates.

In our experience, no internal HR department has the in-depth knowledge about market trends, nor the experience or flexibility that a specialised recruitment company has. Moreover, internal HR departments are bound by in-house procedures, approval chains and budgets. Sometimes, therefore, flexibility is just not an option.

The best solution for an employer seeking suitable candidates is to outsource the recruitment process to a specialised company that will provide a full support service for the business. The external partner will take full responsibility for everything related to recruitment, primarily focusing on finding the best solution for the company. Emphasis is, of course, placed on responsibility and efficiency, and recruitment companies provide solid information and knowledge about recruitment best practices and local markets.

In short, the client avoids headaches in the hiring process – which they have outsourced to the recruitment company – and at the same time, they obtain the specialists and workforce they need, fully compliant with internal procedures.

We offer this recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service. We simplify everything: we find the candidates and integrate them into the employer’s workforce. Meanwhile, our clients benefit from extra time and the ability to focus on what they do best – developing their business. Grafton RPO is a dynamic service operating in 29 countries, making us a global force in recruitment process outsourcing. We are committed to providing our expertise to the organisations we work with along with the best candidates they need to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

We have designed three distinct models to meet the different needs of our clients: Source & Screen, Project RPO, and Full Cycle RPO. The best approach is to understand the specifics of each business and the unique needs of each company and then deliver a personalised service. Read more HERE.