June 20, 2018

On the 6th of June 2018, our CEO Stefano Colli-Lanzi attended the NEXT20 celebration organised by Gi Group Romania, which took place in the monumental Cesianu-Racovita Palace in Bucharest. The event, a presentation followed by a networking moment, was attended by Gi Group Romania employees as well as by eminent external guests and media representatives.

On the 7th of June, Stefano Colli-Lanzi and Felix Toma, Country Manager of Gi Group Romania and Gi Group Bulgaria, participated as keynote speakers to the event ‘Entrepreneur in Romania’ organised by Cariere, a major Romanian business magazine, attended by the representatives of 120 companies.

The presentation focused on the topic of entrepreneurship, and our CEO shared his experience and his vision as founder of Gi Group. As reported on the article ‘Together is better’, published on the Romanian media Cariere, Stefano Colli-Lanzi said: „At the beginning I had nothing but at the same time I had everything: I did not have much money, connections and support. But I had purpose, values, opportunities, method, a mission and I believed in people – and anyone can have all of these things”.

Stefano Colli-Lanzi also said that the key to attracting and retaining employees is having a meaningful purpose and that he learned from his 5 children some major lessons that he applied in his work as an entrepreneur. „Relationships with my children are the most important relationships in my life. From them I have learned love – which means being careful, interested, wanting to contribute, wanting to do well. They taught me to listen, to understand how other people think, instead of assuming that we know how others should think. So I understand that to provide an excellent service to our clients we have to love them”, our CEO explained.

Later, Felix Toma discussed the relationship between a multinational such as Gi Group and entrepreneurship, saying that working in a global company with an entrepreneurial DNA, he understands that it is not enough to create financial value but it is important to create value for people. Moreover, he pointed out that continuous learning is vital, since „The world is changing fast, it changes for the better, and we have to adapt.” Lastly, Felix Toma said: „2018 is a year of turning, and the direction we are going to take depends very much on us. We choose the way.”